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Most templates have two contingent paragraphs at the top of the findings, called “Positive” and “Negative”. If these paragraphs are not used, they will be removed from the final report.
  • To place a sentence in one of these paragraphs, simply start that sentence with either the word “positive” or “negative”.

All templates have an impression section at the bottom of the report.
  • To place a sentence only in the impression, simply start that sentence with the word “impression”.
  • To place a copy of a sentence belonging to another section of the report also into the impression, simply end the sentence with the word “impression”.

Each sentence not belonging in the “positive”, “negative”, or “impression” sections gets evaluated for matching organ keywords, and gets placed in the most appropriate organ section of the template.
  • An organ section without any matched sentences will display the default text which is prescribed in the template for that organ (e.g. "normal" or "clear lungs").
  • If a sentence which would have matched an organ gets placed in the "Positive" or "Negative" sections instead, the corresponding organ section will display "As above" rather than the default text, should there be no other sentences in that organ section.
  • Any sentence not matching any of the major sections or organ keywords, gets put at the end of the "Other" organ section.
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